Dogs Trust Shoreham – Flame


Flame is 5 years old. He is a sweet chap who is lacking slightly in confidence. He can be shy around unkown people initially but if you are calm and gentle with him, he can become a fantastic companion. Flame likes other dogs as well as playing with his toys and eating a tasty chew.

Type of home needed

Flame will suit an adult only home where he can find a calm and settled routine without too many visitors as he can be easily overwhelmed. He would like his own garden, and may be able to live with another dog. He is a smart chap who picks things up nice and quickly ! He wass unsure about car initially but is travelling better now. He is an active boy and really enjoys his walks.

More about me

Flame is worried by traffic and therefore needs a home with access to quiet walks without having to go near traffic. He is travelling better in the car now so there is the option to drive him to quieter walks. Flame really needs a quiet home to help him settle.