Dogs Trust Shoreham – Foxy


Foxy is an 18 month old Crossbreed.

Type of home needed

Foxy is a sweet and friendly boy who likes a fuss. He’s looking for a home where children are aged 14 and over, and can be sensible around him, as he does need his space. Walking him is best left to adults. He is unable to live with cats, small furries, or chickens. Foxy is a quick learner, so would love new owners who can teach him new things. He’s unsure of other dogs at the moment, so would be unable to live with one. A garden of his own is essential for Foxy, as he’ll need to stretch his legs at home as well as on his walks. He likes company, so is looking for someone who has plenty of time to get him settled in before building up leaving times slowly. He would benefit from owners with a car, as he’s an inquisitive boy who would like to investigate new walking areas, away from other dogs at present.

More about me

Foxy is a clever, active dog, who is looking for forever friends who can continue his training around other dogs.